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Chassis Dynamometer and EFI/Tuning

Forced Induction Tuning Experts!

All bookings are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY please.
You can now BOOK ONLINE!!

You Tune Your Own Car, or We Can Custom Tune:
Factory ECU's:
• Most Ford With Diablo, Delta Force or BE
• SCT - Viper/SRT10/SRT4 Custom Tuning
• Dodge/Mopar DCX Diablo CMR tunes - Hemi
• GM: TPI, TBI, LT1 (OBD 1), OBD2, Custom Cals (2 bar, Alpha N etc.) , Diablosport CMR, EFI Live, TunerCat
• Hondata, Crome, Uberdata and similar
Stand-Alone ECU's:
• Vipec, Haltech, BigStuff3, Accel, Link, FAST XFI, AEM, + Many Other Standalones
Carbureted Vehicles :
• Holley, Edelbrock, Quick Fuel, Pro Systems etc. We stock most jets, air bleeds, number drills etc.

• We are Tuners! Hence our Dyno has full Eddie current load control for accurate tuning.
•Accurate Widebands for PROPER AFR usually included, no set-up fees, no Clean up Fees etc.

INTRODUCING!!! The Most Sophisticated and state of the art tuning method available!
"Combustion Profile Optimization"

Starting at $1500 for a 4 cylinder

Other Dyno Testing/Tuning Rates:
Baseline(*a) - $100
U-Tune Dyno Time(*b) - $150/hr
Basic Tune Naturally Aspirated (*c) - $400
Basic Tune
Forced Induction (*c) - $500
Advanced Tune (*d) - $750
"Outcalls" (*e) - $120 + $50/hr
Mustang EECIV Chip and 2 hr. Tune - $500
Viper/SRT10 Dyno Tune/Programmer $650+
Chip Kit Install for Honda (Ur ECU, Crome) $160
Chip Kit Install for Nissan (Ur ECU) $175

*a - typically 3 or more runs, until a repeatable baseline is achieved.
*b - Full hour first hour, half hour increments thereafter.
*c - Basic Tune includes a comprehensive tune, without an advanced features, ie, no multiple maps, boost control etc.
*d - Basic set-up and tune, plus boost control, overnight re-check of cold start, multiple maps (ie, pump gas/race gas etc) etc.

*e - On-Site tuning assistance. At your home, shop, engine dyno etc

**Confidentiality assured**

Email or Call 587-707-tune(8863) for your appointment. (local Calgary Number)

 ***It is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in SAFE working condition. Automobiles with obvious safety defects will not be accepted (these include bald or cracked/unsafe tires etc.) The dyno will be operated to the automobile owners specified speed limit. There are always risks (predictable or unpredictable) in running a vehicle at high speeds. DYNOMOTIVE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VEHICLE DAMAGE.

AEM EMS Factory Trained Tuner
Pro Key & 6.1 ECU!

Predator/Trinity Custom Tuning Ford/DCX/GM