How To Use Other Widebands With Your Analog
DynoDynamics Dyno
Toma Kicovic/DynoMotive Chassis Dyno Services/Calgary

Bought the same type connector at a Electroncs supply shop as the Dyno Dynamics HS_AFR connection uses, soldered the female pins on some 5 conductor wire.


Pins Pushed Into Connector

Finished Cable with Dyno Dynamics style HS_AFR connector on one end, and female Cigarette Lighter connector for power, and quick connect for voltage output from wideband to dyno input on the other end. I used the Cig adapter because that is what I already have on my wideband since it is portable for in car stand alone use.

The Pin-Out is in the daigram below.

Back of the Dyno Dynamics interface, looking at the HS_AFR plug.

1 is ground - goes to cigarette lighter for ground to WB
4 is sensor ground - output FROM wb TO dyno
5 is Vout FROM wb to dyno
6 is +16v Supply FROM dyno to WB (cigaretter lighter)

8 -I don't know what 8 is... if anyone knows, email me tomakic AT shaw DOT ca. I never used it, but left the wire there (brown in above photo)

This is the file. Go to DOS, get into the "dyno" directory, and type "edit", and you will get this. Note the Autronic values. First value is Voltage at Zero output, Next value is Voltage at Max output, third value is Scale. I persume this is a multiplier of the AFR. For exampe, the Autronic has a 0 to 30 scale. 30/14.57 = 2.06 (I assume DD uses the often quoted NTK spec for stoich as 14.57, since the number 'works' lol).

As an example, I used a FAST wideband whos output function is AFR=(V x 2.78) + 9.6. And Max output of 4.096V. That works out to 0 AFR at -3.543 Volts, and 20.987 AFR at max volts. 20.987/14.57=1.440 for new "Scale".

I tried then entering the new config values as -3.543 4.096 and 1.440.

And the result... Zero voltage input = 9.6 AFR
I tried numerous AF ratios with a car whos AF I could easily change, and here you see... Perfect!
Random AFR test with 1.72 Volts applied